Splitboard equipment is a category of products offered in the online store, which is dedicated to splitboard and snowboard enthusiasts. Splitboards are specifically designed to allow their users to climb off-road and then slide down in pristine terrain.
In the category of splitboard equipment in the online store, you can find a wide selection of different products that are necessary to practice this relatively young sport. The splitboard includes:
1. Splitboards: They allow users to easily navigate the terrain and climb mountains. Splitboards are slightly more durable than snowboards to meet the requirements of difficult terrain conditions. In this category, various models and sizes are available to suit the needs and preferences of each customer.
2. Splitboard bindings: They are specifically designed to allow you to easily switch between climbing and descending modes. Consequently, they have a mechanism that allows you to split the board into two separate skis for ascents, and connect them again before descending. Splitboard bindings must be stable and durable to ensure safe and comfortable use of the splitboard.
3. Snowboard skins: they are an extremely important element of splitboard equipment. They are attached to the underside of the board while climbing to provide traction and allow you to move up the mountainside. They are usually made of nylon or mohair and should match the size of the split board.
4. Splitboarding poles: These are useful when climbing to provide extra support and balance. The poles should be lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the demands of difficult ascent conditions.
5. Other necessary equipment: The splitboard equipment category may also include other necessary accessories, such as special avalanche backpacks, snowboard boots, gloves, goggles, helmets and specialized clothing.
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We often meet the opinion of people who know splitboarding very well and often express their opinion about some manufacturers who approach the issue in this way. Due to the fact that we explore more or less known areas, moving along unprepared routes, the equipment must be of the highest quality and designed for this type of activity. This applies to every component of our splitboarding set: boards, bindings, boots, skins, poles, backpacks, clothing or avalanche protection. In this category, we offer you top-class splitboarding equipment from such manufacturers as: Jones Snowboards, Karakoram, Spark, ThirtyTwo or Voile.