About Spy Optic

  • Spy Optic is a renowned eyewear company specializing in sunglasses, goggles, and prescription frames. Known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and technologically advanced lenses, Spy Optic offers a wide range of eyewear suitable for various outdoor activities such as snowboarding, surfing, and everyday wear. The brand's sunglasses feature stylish frames, polarized lenses, and durable construction, making them popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on both performance and fashion, Spy Optic sunglasses combine functionality with modern design aesthetics to provide maximum eye protection and style.

Spy Happy Lens technology

  • Spy Optic's Happy Lens technology is a proprietary lens technology designed to enhance the user's visual experience and overall well-being. The Happy Lens is engineered to allow longer-wave blue light, which is associated with increased mood and alertness, to enter the eye while blocking harmful short-wave blue light. This unique lens technology is believed to provide benefits such as
  • improved contrast and color perception,
  • increased clarity
  • reduced eye strain.
  • Additionally, the Happy Lens is known for its impact resistance, scratch resistance, and 100% UV protection, ensuring optimal eye protection in various lighting conditions. Overall, the Happy Lens is a standout feature of Spy Optic sunglasses, offering a combination of performance, protection, and potential mood-boosting benefits for the wearer.