Snow helmets  

A snowboard helmet is safety on the slopes

You can't wait for a winter trip to the slope? Snowboard is your element? Great! However, remember about the right outfit and equipment that every snowboarder should have - first of all it is a fitted snowboard helmet. This is the basis of safety on the slopes, which is reminiscent of the regulations of some slopes on which snowboard helmets are required for people under 16 years of age. Be sure to check the snowboard helmets available in the Intersnow store. We offer the largest selection of helmets in various variants, with us you will find both women's and men's helmets equipped with, among others in removable ear pads. Before entering or entering the slope, it is worth protecting yourself properly. Even a person with advanced skills should never forget about the helmet.

The snowboard helmet is a must have for every snowboarder

The snowboard helmet is designed to take care of your safety on the slope. The helmet is your protection during a fall. In snowboarding, everyone falls over regardless of the stage of driving. Of course, before starting a snowboarding adventure, it is also worth knowing the principles of behavior during falling so as not to experience serious injuries and fractures, but the basic form of protection of our health is a helmet and snowboard protectors. It is also worth remembering that in some countries (e.g. in Slovakia) for the lack of a helmet on the slopes they may face the consequences in the form of a fine.

Snowboward helmets for her and him

Snowboard helmets available on the market are found in many varieties, e.g. women's, men's, children's, with an integrated glass or with a hard ear. When choosing a helmet, the basic criteria should be the size and mass of the helmet, which guarantee the comfort of wearing. In the absence of adequate fit, special sponges or narrowed panels are also available. The color of the helmet and the price are also important, but regardless of the choice, it is worth putting on a fitted helmet.
Remember that snowboarding is to be fun and pleasure, but you need to keep common sense so as not to experience a serious injury. An accident on the slope can happen to anyone, even the most experienced snowboarders or skiers. It is also good to consider other, not very experienced people who can fall on us, doing us harm. In such cases, a snowboard helmet can protect from an injury.

A wide selection of snowboard helmets

In our offer you will find a wide selection of ski and snowboard helmets. Among them you will find top brands such as Spy Optic, Shred and Demon. If in doubt, we will help you choose the right ski helmet, because its right choice is also very important. If the helmet is well chosen, it can protect against various types of unfortunate accidents. Familiarize yourself with our offer for snowboard helmets and play sports wisely and with caution!