Snowboards - Discover your potential on the slope!

In our online store you will find an excellent range of the most modern and high-quality snowboards that will meet all your expectations and allow you to achieve an unforgettable experience on the slopes. We know that every snowboarder needs an individual approach to his board. Therefore, in the "snowboards" category you will find a wide selection of models that differ in design, purpose, and technology. Regardless of whether you are a beginner snow enthusiast or an experienced expert, our offer will provide you with access to a wide range of boards for every purpose and application, ensuring excellent performance on the slopes.
The snowboards offered by our online store have been carefully selected from well-known and respected brands, such as Jones Snowboards, Slash Snowboards, Nidecker Snowboards and Capita. By choosing from these renowned manufacturers, we guarantee that you have only the best boards at your disposal, designed for your comfort, safety and maximum feeling while riding. With us you will find snowboards for every style of riding. From freeride to freestyle, carving to jibbing, whatever technique you prefer, we have the right board to enhance your style and help you reach your full potential on the slopes. Every board in our range is designed for responsiveness, precision and control, so you can enjoy perfect turns, a smooth ride and incredible stability. Not only design and technology are our priority. We know how important it is for the board to perfectly match your needs. That's why we offer a wide selection of sizes and hardnesses so you can find a board perfectly suited to your weight, height and abilities. We are ready to provide you with professional advice and help to make the best choice that will provide you with an exceptional snowboarding experience. Don't waste your time looking for the perfect board in different stores - find it now in one place! Visit our online store and see why our customers choose our range of snowboards as their reliable tools for exciting skiing on the slopes.

Winter madness on a snowboard.

Can't imagine winter without skateboarding? neither do we! A snowboard is an indispensable element of equipment during a trip to a snowy slope. Want to get yourself some new snowboard equipment? Are you looking for a new men's or women's snowboard because, for example, you plan to change your riding style? Regardless of whether you are a novice during driving lessons or a professional, you will find the right equipment with us - we will help you choose and match it to your needs. A well-chosen snowboard will allow you to feel extremely confident on every slope! Ordered in our online store INTERSNOW will provide you with unforgettable experiences during winter madness, and at the same time will make you feel confident. See for yourself by skiing and conquering each of the slopes! Familiarize yourself with the offer of our snowboard shop - we guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves.

A snowboard for you!

The most important piece of equipment for every snowboarder is undoubtedly the snowboard. Its proper selection will make it easier for beginner snowboarders to start, and advanced snowboarders will improve their skills and enjoy riding in any terrain in all conditions. Snowboards should always come from verified sources, which is why the INTERSNOW store imports them from the world's best manufacturers such as: Jones Snowboard, Yes Snowboard, Slash Snowboard and Nidecker Snowboard.

Snowboard for her and for him

Our online store offers a wide selection of snowboards. Here you will find women's and men's snowboards in the popular twin tip, directional twin and wide shapes, as well as hard and soft boards to suit every riding style. Of course, when choosing a snowboard, aesthetics also play a role, which is why the unique decorations on their surfaces make every athlete - both experienced and beginner - able to stand out on the slope.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the type of purpose of the board. Snowboards available in the INTERNSNOW store offer allow for different riding styles in variants such as: All Mountain, Freeride, Freestyle, Jibbing.

However, most of all, each men's and women's snowboard is made of durable materials that protect it from breaking or deep scratches. The specially profiled structure guarantees safety during use, ensures body stabilization and facilitates descents on even the steepest slopes.

Online snowboard shop - shopping with home delivery

The nearest snowboard shop is tens of kilometers away from your home? You are not a motorist and you have no way to transport the purchased board? It doesn't matter, because the snowboard ordered from us will reach you quickly without leaving your home. We ship products throughout the country; we cooperate with Poczta Polska and courier companies. A snowboard bought at means comfort and time saving.

INTERSNOW - safe shopping and professional advice

At INTERSNOW, we not only sell snowboard equipment, but also help in choosing the right model, tailored to your needs. You don't know which snowboard will be best for Freestyle and which one for Jibbing? Do you want to properly adjust the snowboard, e.g. to your height? Contact us by e-mail or by phone. Customers from Warsaw are also invited to visit the stationary store, located at 30 Conrada Street. The perfect snowboard is waiting!