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  • Slash Happy Place Snowboard

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Detailed description - Slash Spectrum JBMC collab

  • Soft yet cambered for symetrical trickers. Redesigned with more pop and precision, the all-new Spectrum brings a fresh outlook to familiar terrain. We beefed up  he board’s chassis by adding positive camber for more refined control and ollie juice. The board still retains its soft, feel-good flex that makes it playful, easy to press, butter and jib, but now it has more power on tap. Part of that new energy reserve also comes from the Carbonbon layup of carbon fiber stringers underfoot. These stringers boost your ollies and edge control, of fering a lively feel around the bindings. At the heart of t he board is a Pop wood core filled with premium poplar for a consistent flex and a backbone of beech stringers from tip to tail. It’s packaged in a freestyle true-twin shape that’ll change the way you look at terrain.

  • A tried and true camber profile that offers a precise feel, predictable turns, solid edge hold, suspension and powerful pop. Traditional camber distributes weight evenly and offers a progressive flex pattern. 
  • The 0-90 Biax Fiberglass is the most versatile in the industry. It is bombproof and reliable for all terrain types.  
  • Snap Crackle Pop - this core is made out of alternating poplar and beech stringers that give it strength and liveliness. Our swiss engineers also inlaid 4 sections of sturdy spruce into the tail and nose area to increase precision and get the best pop out of the board. We use this in the park and street specific boards. 
  • Sweet Spot - 2 cross-shaped carbon fibers placed from the contact point of the nose and tail to the middle of the inserts. This configuration increases POP and strength, bringing more play into your riding. 
  • Progresive Sidecut - the discussion of sidecut is simple, it makes the board turn. Now a step ahead we bring you progressive sidecut which is more technical than simple sidecut and is really benefital with hybrid cambers as the contact points of the board become more relevant for smooth turns. 
  • Ultimate Traction - is a small counter radius(bump) placed in the middle of the board’s sidecut. By positioning this bump instead of using a traditional sidecut, we have improved edge hold and center stability by not only relying solely on the board’s outside contact points. You will have more control of your board especially on ice, less fatigue turning the board and lots more fun! 
  • Extruded base 4800 - Extruded low-density running base material accepts wax well and absorbs blunt shocks extra.
  • Belt finish - the belt finish is our standard base finish. It gets your base optimized before we fully wax the board. 
  • Oneball Jey - Slash boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with OneBallJay wax.

Riding style: freestyle, 


Shape: twin tip

Profile: camber   

Camber ok.jpg

Width: standard, wide

Deski o standardowej szerokości przeznaczona jest dla snowboardzistów o rozmiarze stopy nie większym niż 44

Base: Sintered 7000

Flex: soft 4/10

Core:  Pop Wood Core

Size (cm)146149152154155w156158159w
Nose Length (mm) 195 195 210 210 205 220 210 205
Running Length (mm) 1070 1100 1100 1120 1140 1120 1160 1180
Tail Length (mm) 195 195 210 210 205 220 210 205
Nose Width (mm) 282 286 290 292 297 294 295 302
Waist Width (mm) 243 247 249 251 257 253 253 260
Waist Width (inch) 9.6 9.7 9.8 9.9 10.1 10 10 10.2
Tail Width (mm) 282 286 290 292 297 294 295 302
Sidecut Radius (m) 6.8 7 7 7.2 7.7 7.4 7.6 7.9
Min/Max Stance (cm) 48/60 48/60 50/62 50/62 52/64 52/64 52/64 54/66
Min/Max Stance (inch) 18.9/23.6 18.9/23.6 19.7/24.4 19.7/24.4 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 21.3/26
Setback (cm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Inserts (#) 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2
Rider's Weight (kgs) 45-63 50-68 57-75 59-77 61-79 61-79 66-84+ 66-84+
Rider's Weight (lbs) 99-139 110-150 125-165 130-170 135-175 135-175 145-185+ 145-185+



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